Class Posters

2015, Poster Series

Inner Profiles

2015, Web Design

Spring Motion

2014, Poster

Memphis FitKids

2014, Animation

Ambulante Beyond

2014, Poster

Limo Ride

2014, Documentary, Branding


2014, Film, Identity

Type 2

2014, Poster Series

Momentos Vividos

2014, Book

Art Talk

2014, Video

Early Advantage

2013, Interactive Exhibition


2013, Screen Printed Poster

Úteros em Fúria

2013, Poster

Opus I

2013, Abstract Film

Opus II

2013, Abstract Film


2013, Bumper

Hollyfield e Todo-Duro

2013, Concept Drawings

Grand Fugue on the Art of Gumbo

2012, Short Film, Identity

World On A Shoestring

2012, Logo

City of Literature

2012, Documentary, Identity


2012, Documentary Short, Identity

International Studies

2012, Brochure

Mobile In Black And White

2012, Documentary, Movie Titles


2012, Logo Bumper/TV Commercial

Politics Of Spill

2011, Poster

O Sarcófago

2011, Poster


2011, Poster, Creacarteles


2011, Logo

What Kind Of Man Is Johnny Boy?

2011, Lettering

Western Comic Book

2011, Study Drawings


2011, CD Packaging

Occupy Mobile

2011, Logo

Design Lab

2011, Interior Design

Quincas Berro D'Água

2010, Film, Titles/Identity

O Príncipe Encantado

2010, Short Film, Title Design

Acorda Brasil

2010, Promo Book

Tom Sawyer

2010, Book Cover

Rootsy Hip

2009, Documentary Film, Identity

Gulf Coast Jazz Festival

2009, Jazz Festival, Poster

Mob Towne Revival

2009, Logo/CD Packaging

Writers-In-Residence Readings

2009, Poster


2007, Poster Series


2007, WWF Poster


2007, Magazine

Voom Portraits

2007, Campaign


2007-present, My personal sketchbook

We Battle For Life

2006, Greenpeace Poster