Úteros em fúria is a legenday rock band from salvador, my hometown, the first capital of Brasil. With just one official album released, they were arguably one of the most influential bands of the 90s. Perhaps analogous to the cultural earthquake caused by when the Sex Pistols played in Manchester in 1976, which tectonic waves shaped bands like Joy Division, The Smiths, and Buzzcock, many of us who went to the Úteros em Fúria gig at the Colégio Vieira in the early nineties picked up a guitar, learned three chords, and made a hell lot of noise.In 2013, the band decided to get together for a single show to celebrate the 20th aniversary of their album and I was thrilled to design the poster for it.

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About the image: Detail of the poster. The main concept pulls inspiration from erotica art and the drawings of Egon Schiele, also referencing the "catecismos" of Carlos Zéfiro.