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A collection of over 400 items from the 1972 Munich Olympics compiled into one hardback. Includes the Visual Identity Standards Manual.

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At some point during my first year as a graphic designer I read an article in a design magazine that first brought to my attention Otl Aicher's work for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

I was struck by the bold colours, the systematic design approach, the strong typographic layouts of the cultural events, the simplistic information design of the pictogram system which was devised by Aicher and his team for the games and of course a dachshund named Waldi.

I loved the fact that booklets, backstage passes, posters, uniforms and more were all considered down to the smallest detail. The breadth of the visual identity for the games was immense, I'd never seen anything like it before.

I went online to find out more. A couple of purchases from a certain online auction site later and I was hooked. That was fifteen years ago.

Since then I've collected a large part of it, including some quite rare items.

I launched www.1972municholympics.co.uk to showcase some of my collection and would now like to produce, with your help, a detailed reference book of these beautifully designed items. (The website will also get a much needed update).

The book will be a photographic showcase of my collection. I've compiled over 400 items which will be displayed and will include many detailed images.

I've collated everything from posters, literature, mascots, tickets and personal identification, to many of the souvenir items (everything from ceramics to tea-towels) created for the Games. The book will feature my 'Holy Grail piece' - all 10 sections, page by page, of the original Visual Identity manual, photographed and shown at around 75% scale. A minimum of four of these sections will be shown as 3-page foldouts.

All the items to be shown are part of my personal collection.

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